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Pinyin: nián shòu.

Nián (年): Year; usually depicts the coming of a new year.

Nián shòu (年兽): According to Chinese legend is a maleficent monster that fears the colour red, loud noises, and bright lights.

年兽 lived in the mountains and would terrorize local villagers by destroying fields, crops, animals and even people.

Clothing in red, typically in the form of undergarments or socks are said to be most effective in combatting 年兽.

In addition, the use of drums, gongs, lion dances, and firecrackers have been working since times in ancient China to fight 年兽 since the early 20th century.

Chinese New Year for 2023 is on January 22; this year welcomes the year of the rabbit (兔子).


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